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Our services of renovation of functional works

Mechanical renovation

Lifting renovation

  •  Analysis of readings,

  •  Kinematic calculations,

  • Sizing of lifting capacities,

  • Revision of the winch,

  • Replacement of lifting cables,

  • Control of overtravel, lifting line, load cell, limit switches and anti overtravel.

Renovation of lifting - reeving

  • Analysis, dimensioning and control of the rope condition,

  • Drafting of reeving procedure,

  • Realization of reeving,

  • Replacement of lifting cables.

Mechanical Renovation - Gearbox

  • Analysis, measurement and control of the state of the gears,

  • Calculation of longevity,

  • Sizing,

  • Replacement of parts: gears, bearings, seals, screws ...,

  • Control of clearances, sealing, bearing capacity ...,

  • Equipment compliance.

Renovation of brakes

  • Dismantling of the brakes,

  • Analysis of the cause of the failure,

  • Replacement of brakes,

  • Assembly and tests.

Structural renovation

Renovation of structures and frameworks

  • Diagnosis of structures and frameworks,

  • Studies of repair and reinforcement solutions,

  • Implementation of welded and/or bolted reinforcements,

  • Realization of bolted assemblies,

  • Replacement of structures and equipment,

  • Follow-up and supervision of stripping, sandblasting and painting works.

Our services and solutions

Electrical renovation / Command and control / Hydraulics

  • Modernization work,
  • Updating of the control system, automation, programming,
  • Replacement of electrical wiring,
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic renovation.

Maintenance in Operational Condition

Operational control of operations:

  • implementation and monitoring of KPIs,
  • Follow-up of obsolescence of works,
  • Transfer of installations and machines,
  • Transfer of maintenance skills (training in use).